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B. Todd offers funny, engaging, inspirational content that will have your attendees giving your conference rave reviews!

Keynotes and Addresses

B Todd can speak on many topics important to business, healthcare and educational organizations. Here are a few of those topics.
Take Another Little Piece of My Heart
Be inspired as B Todd tells his journey of recovering from a rare heart condition., how he found humor in the most challenging circumstances.
7 Lies We Tell Ourselves about Marketing
The most common lies about marketing, why we tell them, and then discover the real truth about marketing.
This is a Basketball
How a group of underprivileged teen age boys overcame obstacles, on and off the court, to create winning team, and along the way, created a culture of loyalty, acceptance, and success.
Inside the Box Business Strategy
It is easy to believe that the best solutions to your toughest challenges exist outside “The Box”. It isn’t true. This session will prove to you that the best, most effective solutions are almost always inside “The Box”.
Hiring Top Talent: It’s a Pressure Test
Finding outstanding talent is a top priority for every organization. Learn to ask the tough questions required to separate the best candidates from the rest.

To Teach

B Todd is known as a funny charismatic speaker who
shares personal stories to teach business lessons.

What People Are Saying About B Todd

Educational, entertaining and energizing. B. Todd had our audience eating out of the palm of his hand and they are hungry for more!

Anderson Indiana Chamber

Friendly; dynamic; witty; a raconteur of the first rank, with an infectious laugh.

Thomas P. O’brien

My team thoroughly enjoyed B. Todd’s presentation. They left with concise and applicable insights that they were immediately able to adapt and implement in marketing and media plans for your clients. I know that my team will definitely want to attend B. Todd’s events every chance that they can get!

Pro Communications

When B. Todd speaks it is part revival, part pep rally and packed full of useful information. He regularly receives rave reviews from audience members and corporate clients who have heard him speak.

Christine Taylor, Let Them Speak

Todd, you’re an excellent speaker. Smart, clear, dynamic and charming. I really appreciated your polished, and accessible speaking style. I could very easily see how a company, any company, would bring you in to re-charge their employees and get them charged up to bring something new and dynamic to their companies.

Chris Biddle

B. Todd Bright is a high-energy speaker delivering practical actionable advice. He has traveled extensively, teaching others about investing in correct marketing principles, how to start a successful enterprise, and having fun in the corporate world. After B. Todd tells you his story and shares his insights, you will feel refreshed and confident that you can apply the lessons learned to your own life and business.

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