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To answer your question, however, let me start by telling you all of the things you should not do. Don't create a logo; don't spend time writing a sales letter; don't tell your best friend your idea and then agree to give him or her half, while the two of you spend the next three months in his/her garage planning every last detail of your enterprise, including what kind of car you will buy and what kind of driving moccasins you will wear when your sure-fire business idea makes it big.


Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of social media.  My family started a blog a few years ago to keep friends and family up to date on our lives.  We figure why wait for the Christmas newsletter to announce our familial superiority, when a blog can do that for us all throughout the year.


Even though we are all going to share the restroom facilities several times a day, the Human Resources department never starts the employee orientation day with ground rules for going to the bathroom.  Is it too much to ask to throw in a couple policies, maybe a few best practices, or a diagram or two in the employee handbook?


I will admit I have a mild obsession with Batman. My computer desktop wallpaper – at work and at home – is Batman. My screensaver on my mobile phone is Batman. My ring tone is the theme from the 1989 movie version of Batman. And when I get a text message, my phone actually says to me, “You’ve got Bat-mail.”

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